Die Schüler/innen der Klasse 6e hatten im Anschluss an ein Flughafenprojekt im Englischunterricht Reports zu schreiben. Einer dieser Reports ist von Herrn Schäfer zur Veröffentlichung auf unserer Homepage ausgewählt worden. Die anderen werden beim Sommerfest präsentiert.

On 3rd of July we went to the Airport Stuttgart. We are class 6e with Mr Schäfer (our English teacher) and Mrs Schweitzer. At first, we did an airport tour. We went around the whole airport and saw a Haribo plane. It was really cool. Our class also screamed louder than planes make noise.

After the tour we had to do interviews. At first, it was a really hard exercise because a lot of people said: "We don't have any time" or they couldn't speak English. But then we found some people. The first three were the nicest. The first one was a woman. She came from Rhineland Paletine and is a teacher. She and her family wanted to fly to Lissabon. The second one was a business man. He came from Belgium and just wanted to stay one day in Stuttgart. Our third interview partner was a man from North Carolina (USA). He flew to Dublin for work and holidays, too.

It was a nice day because we could learn more about the airport and we could practise our English in a real life situation. I hope we will do something similar again. 😊

by Sophie Gnielinski

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